Polar Bears

Coming Together

They come.

They come to dip, they come to sip…they come in cold companionship.

There are so many demonstrations in America these days, worthy demonstrations, as seen from the perspective of respective sides of the issues…of course. But there are times when Americans come together in unison…and damn the differences. This is one of those times.

Are you ready to let it all hang out?


No one is Liberal or Conservative, Black, White, Hispanic, or Muslim…they are all only human beings…compassionate, fun loving human beings.


It all started with a cold dip, in the frigid sea off Long Beach, NY. There were just two dippers, Pete Myers and Kevin McCarthy. It was 1998’s, Super Bowl Sunday. And they did it…just for a blast.


Others thought it was a good idea and joined in. So the duo and friend, Mike Bradley, turned the frigid dip into a heart warming charity event to support the “Make a Wish Foundation” in honor Paulie Bradley, Mike’s son.

Paullie  died of cancer in 1997 the year before the first dip…at age 4. Paulie never got his wish, to go to Puerto Rico to have fun.


Now the duo and the Bradleys, come every year. But they bring along thousands of other  hardy, hearty, souls. They come to dip, they come to sip…they come in cold companionship.


Every year the “strippers” and dippers come together…daring their fortitude, bareing their pulchritude…all for the sake of adventure, exhilaration, and compassion.

Polare bear guys DSC_5821.jpg

No one knows, no one cares what political life the next Polar Bear is living…they’re all in it for fun and giving.

Gangway DSC_5824.jpg

You’ve heard that you need to dance like there’s nobody watching. Well, this is the soul dancing in frigid freedom, exposing itself, and it doesn’t care who is watching. It’s letting go, it’s letting it all hang out…often literally. And frankly, not giving a damn.


Perhaps you might not give a damn too. Maybe you’d like to let it all hang out. Or maybe you do give a damn, and you’ll dive in and/or just chip in: http://tinyurl.com/plr-bear


Photo videos:

Take a peak at past performance VIDEOS:

2016 Polar Bear Super Bowl Splash Part 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDDoYJ45EZw&list=UUkJkE4EtmutG_3-vP83mjkA&feature=c4-overview

2016 Polar Bear Super Bowl Splash pt. 2:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxNGGFUXnRk&list=UUkJkE4EtmutG_3-vP83mjkA&feature=c4-overview


See YOU there!


2017 Long Beach, NY Polar Bear Super Bowl Splash on this blog soon.

Be well,
See my sister blog:https://wherethesundontshine.net



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