Polar Bears

Polar Bear Plunge 2017

See Polar Bear music photo video at bottom of post.

DSC_6314 vign .jpg

They did it again. They came to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation sure, but they also came…to just have fun.

DSC_1104 vign .jpg

They were the young and…the once young. They were of many hues…all…American hues.

DSC_1402 vign .jpg

Seven thousand of we Americans took the Polar Bear plunge on Super Bowl Sunday at Long Beach, NY. The air and water temps were just about even, 40º, and the wind was from the West at about 10 to 15 mph. So it was a refreshing dip day. But a little sunshine would have been nice.

DSC_1239 vign .jpg

About ten thousand more viewers and boosters, were at the ready with smart phones, point-and-shoots or DSLRs.

DSC_1252 vign .jpg

I had two of the latter, a 300 mm zoom and a widey, I came dually armed. But it helped to capture the quickly changing close-ups of mom’s and pops and distant shots…of retreating tots.

DSC_6097 vign .jpg

There was a pronounced American flag display, in and out of the water, which is always good. I think it brings us all together in these trying times.

DSC_5882 vign .jpg

There’s something about the red white and blue that warms the heart…when we need heart warming the most.

DSC_6001 vign .jpg

After all is said and done, we are Americans, let’s remember that. And as Americans, we sometimes like to gather…and let it all hang out…together.

DSC_6246 vign .jpg

Be well,
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  1. i love the video, but would not like to swim in that cold looking water. More power to those brave folks. God bless.


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