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Surfer in pink sunset IMGP3713

Beach-dancer, surfer-video. click:http://tinyurl.com/BeachesLee

My name is Lee and I live in Long Beach, NY. I’m a former Marine and retired NYC Transit Police Detective.

A blog is supposed to be a “narrowcast”, that means a focus on a niche that viewers might want to explore. And I do so to a point…on the beach.

When I’m on a beach it’s like I’m at the entrance to eternity. It’s ethereal, it’s magic, I’m struck by it with every experience. Some of you may have this sense and realized it early. I didn’t. I’m just glad I didn’t leave life without it.

Yes, this sense wasn’t always so powerful, maybe it just developed as I grew older, or maybe it was always there but I wasn’t ready for it. I don’t make the experience happen, I just let it unfold. I allow what I see before me connect with a place deep inside me, a place I once did not know of, nor did I look for. I think it’s a primitive place that is in all of us. And I think that when I relate an experience to some people it touches the same place in them, the place that connects us all. And this planet becomes just a tiny bit better with each connection. I think that’s the tide of life.


Oystercatcher birth, click:http://tinyurl.com/sizeLee

I think life is about moments and each moment is like a wave in this sea of life. To fully realize each, from swell, to breaker, to foam, is to live. And I write about the waves in this blog.

Like you, I’ve had good times and bad. But now I let the bad fade into history’s haze where it belongs and just focus on the good…right here in front of me.

Osprey DSC_0031 a

Osprey, haulin’ frieght

It is never dull at the shore. It might seem dull if I let all the the fog of yesterday and tomorrow work to prevent the moment’s magic. The sand, surf and sky would only be a  canvas for mind-stuff to dump upon. When I don’t let that happen, even a quiet “uneventful” day, surrounded by “just” gliding gulls, scudding clouds or crashing surf, a salty poem arises before me…and I just inhale it.

Whale and claf

Whales of October, click:http://tinyurl.com/WhalesLee

But often there is much more going on. Sometimes I come upon the drama of life and death in the ongoing struggle for survival. The spring-birth of an Oystercatcher, the mid-summer death of a Sea Hawk’s prey or the October breaching of a whale and her calf. Much of it can be metaphor for many of us.

I share these moments with you with words and photos to let you feel what I feel, but my efforts cannot actually have you there; you of course, have your own moments to surrender to…and see your own unfolding of the sublime.

Train w girl face changeDSC_9149 copy

Sex Beneath the Surface click:http://tinyurl.com/sexLee

But I can’t limit my views to the shore alone. My “niche” is too wide, my “cast” too broad for the classic blog. Life-moments aren’t seashore-narrow to me. So I bring other moments too, some recent and some from the past. Much of it very good, some of it very sad, but all of it part of life that might resonate with some of you.

Sunset strong sun from june 25 DSC_2672 copy

Manhattan skyline in sunset

So in my blog you might read about beaches, boats, surfers and sand sculpture, but you’ll also see and hear about NYC streets, crime in the subways and Manhattan skyline sunsets. You’ll see posts about pets and police and Polar Bear plunges. You’ll see people skimming the surf on boards or strolling the sands hand in hand.

You’ll see funerals of Police Officers who paid with their lives to keep our families safe. You’ll see the veneration of veterans, the survivors, the grateful, the wounded and the dead. All who served so that we may write and read in free venues such as this blog.

Buckley military-casket60a-dsc_8428

Marine L/Cpl. Greg Buckley, Aug. 18, 2012

I hope you enjoy your visit with me. If a post resonates with you consider leaving a comment, I’ll try to respond promptly. Sometimes there’s a tech-failure delay.

If you like my blog, consider following me, just click on the follow tab on this page or any post. You will be notified automatically whenever I post. Thank you for your time. I’ll always respect it.

Be well,



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  1. Hi Lee,

    Great blog! On Sunday, September 27th you took some photos of my mother, my daughter and I feeding the seagulls. You were kind enough to give me your business card so I could reach out for copies, but have since lost the card and therefore your email address! Can you please let me know the best way I can connect to get a copy of those photos?

    Thank you so much!


  2. Just read your Oct. post on Facebook. Such a beautiful story and what a poetic writer you are! You give a priceless gift every time you perceptively stop to notice and tell these amazing stories you bring to readers.
    So happy I found your site and will enjoy and be inspired, reading previous stories. You are very talented. My web site is louiseherman.com and there’s a Long Beach essay in the Arts and Letters section.
    I am born and raised in Long Beach.
    Louise Dunn Herman


  3. Nice meeting you as well and so glad to see such an ardent balloon and string picker upper on our Long Beach shore. Kudos, Donna! And welcome to following my blog.


  4. Nice speaking with you on the beach this morning. Looking forward to following your blog.


  5. Amy,

    It sounds to me like you don’t walk the beach thinking about your shopping list, the funny noise your car is making…or the recent election. You are simply there. As we all need to be.

    Maybe those who are there…are present…may be said to be in the “cool club” you mention.

    Thank you for your kind words about my writing and your very expressive comment on the incredible life before us all. Keep living life to the fullest.

    Be well,


  6. You write like heaven. Your description of the feeling upon entering the beach is perfect. Bravo…I love love love whales, dolphins, sunsets, palm trees, shells, all passions of mine and the air at the beach, birds, butterflies, the sun on my face….millions of people love all these things, it is a cool club to be in. Amazing. Thank you for sharing such beauty. Oh and love Blue Bloods!


  7. Thank you Eileen,Glad you enjoyed the new About page. And glad too that you’re following me on it. But as I said in the page, I wasn’t notified by WordPress that you are following. I’m sure you clicked the follow tab. Some things never change. But welcome aboard, glad to have ya.


  8. Hi Lee, Enjoyed your welcoming statement about your blog. I, too, am find if the beach and hope to relocate close to it one day. I look forward to following you 🙂


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