Engines of Muscle and Bone

“Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.”

(Charles M Schulz, Peanuts cartoonist.)

True, but some on this planet use every cog of every gear they’ve been graced with…in their hybrid, muscle and bone engines.

Long Beach, NY is famous for its 2.2-mile boardwalk. Many of us at this Beach-of-Long use it for walking, jogging or just plain sitting and sunning. But others use the middle lanes of this Brazilian, Ipe funway for biking. All kinds of biking.

Unicycle IMG_2687

Frank Zucaro unicycles his unique style at Long Beach

Transportation wise, apart from springing for a cab after imbibing, biking is the best spent dollar you’ll ever part with. So I heartily recommend a bike as a Christmas gift or birthday present or whatever occasion, because:

There are many of us who use our bikes routinely, local shopping, haircuts, post office, etc. You don’t burn gas peddling around the City by the Sea so you don’t burn money. You don’t pollute the air that you suck into your lungs. There’s no impact on bones and joints when you peddle. You can park just about anywhere. And compared with cars, repairs are very inexpensive. But best of all…it’s fantastic fun.

You’ll burn calories in whatever activity you’re up to on the boardwalk, but I think biking, at 600 cal per fun-hour is best: .

Some of us carry biking even further…much further.

Fat tire beach DSC_2686

Fatbikes are wide-tire bikes that are incredibly versatile. You can traverse sand, snow, trails, mud or pavement.

Fat tires finalIMG_6369

Long Beach bikers use them on the beach and boardwalk.

Biker with earbudsDSC_9770

The ride is sweet, whether you’re a lone ranger movin’ with the music…

Bike family IMG_6516

…or a versatile and resourceful family.

surfer bike IMG_6378

Surfers come from miles around to “curl up” in the surf on our seaside. Some come on cool surf board buggies.

tri wheeling vet IMG_2734

Some veterans come patriot style on trike bikes with all the comfort they’ve earned and deserve.

three hi riders IMG_2490

Tall bikes are typically made by welding two bike frames together, but other methods are used as well.

Historically, tall bikes were used in the 19th century to light gas lamps. The tall-bike rider would peddle from lamp post to lamp post leaning upon each to light the lamp atop it. At the end of his circuit an aide would await him to assist in dismounting.

cardio bike IMG_0918

Elliptical bikes are basically the same as gym ellipticals but provide outdoor mobility and more fun too.

Professional runners sometimes use elliptical bikes to cross train by adding non-impact cardio routines to their running regimen.

recumbent bike wi flag IMG_4622

Recumbent bicycles distribute the weight of the rider more evenly over the bike.

The low profile aerodynamics also acts to reduce wind resistance. Recumbents are faster than uprights and hold the human powered vehicle speed record of 83.13 mph.

tandem bike granma crpIMG_5884

Tandem bikes refer to riders one behind the other, usually two but there can be as many as five, called a quint.

Eric of Easyfellas DSC_3619

Eric, a 19 year Combat Navy Diver vet, now called SEALS, participates in veteran’s events such as The Wounded Warriors.

Then there are the long riders. Those who get into the high gears of life:

Ed w bike 72 res DSC_2768

70-year-old Ed, Montauk Man is half Mohawk Indian

Montauk Man rides routinely from E. Islip NY to Long Beach a 100 mi. round trip.   He also rides from E. Islip to Montauk Point a round trip of 246 miles. He does that about five times a year.

Then there are those who use every cog of every gear, of their bikes, of themselves. They ride for the challenge. They ride for great causes.

See Five Thousand Mile Bikeride:

See Biblical Hot Wheels:

Be well,


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