Joy in Jihad Times

Joy kids jumping lifeguard stand 180 resIMG_0250 copy

The laughter of children…what beaches are for.

We don’t know where to turn these days, do we, my weary Earth co-habitants? Bombings of concerts, fusillades at workplaces, decapitations and screams at the seashore, where lovers should stroll…where children should laugh. Oh weary world.

So I take this moment to remind you to bury your head, and your heart, not in sand but in local fun. You remember fun. It’s that delete button on the keyboard of your mind, it erases the frowns of stress then Photoshops grin-lines in their place. It just makes you feel good. So, seek it out you tenacious lovers of life.

Don’t let terrorists take the spirit of the Season from you, the spirit we need to propagate, to reinforce year-round. Sure, underneath the local joy all the madness is still there, but your health and happiness is fortified, renewed, through fun.

We’ve faced down fascism. We’ve defeated Adolph Hitler and Tojo and other world terrorists. We’ll stop this nightmare too, we’ll restore some sanity…for a time. It’s all part of the eternal unfolding. We will persevere. Humankind always does…somehow.

So take heart, my fellow travelers of the cosmos. Take heart that we won’t be cowed by those who would seed our planet with hatred. Let those you can reach, no matter how near, no matter how far, no matter race or religion, know, that we are one against the madness. Flip ’em the finger of ONE and…en-JOY yourselves .

A look at joy is what started this blog two years ago, local joy that we found. I think, especially now in these most troubling times, it deserves a second look:

Be well,



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