Simian By The Sea

Diving for protein, Wilson’s Storm Petrels*…

while a nearby gull eyed an ape’s bag of pretzels.

One pulled from the surf a tasty prize...

…then a decision formed behind yellow eyes:

Tearing and sharing?

Or gobbling in gluttony?

Twas, “What’s good for me is good for the flock,” as greed ended this deadlock...

…pictured here in its most obscene, choking and gagging in the extreme:

Back to the surf he went with his catch…

…for a dip to lubricate...

…a cram down the hatch.

With some toggling and wiggling …

…and even some jiggling…

…the process moved on…

…and in…

…down to the very last—fin.

Then, bloated with bounty, his head to the ground...

…he delivered the promised— “trickle down.”

Yes, greed is the way of the wild, you see, but we apes have outgrown primal greed.

Haven’t we?

Be well,


*Wilson’s Storm Petrels are usually found in open seas (pelagic) but storms may push them shoreward. Thank you, South Shore Audubon. Soc. for seabird ID

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