staying alive

Keeping a Sunny Day Sunny

Sunday was a sunny day, and should have stayed that way.

But black tires raced across white sand, and the rescuer’s flashing lights were ominous so  early in the morning, it was just after eight.

Our presence on Earth is so beautiful, yet so tenuous. The loss of life on any day is dreadful. But in stark relief against bright sun, blue skies and life gliding over splashing foam, makes it far uglier.

Sunday morning the sea was rough with riptides as an oystercatcher greeted me. We were alive amidst the surf, this creature and me, we shared the sweet salt air:

into the surf.jpg



Green parenthesis appeared in the west…


Kiteboarders DSC_9032

…moved closer…


… then crossed in the blue:

Kites join DSC_9047.jpg

A kiteboarder flew across the sea stage, with me—front row center.

boarder down DSC_9065.jpg

The aquanaut exploded into salty wind.

Boarder near DSC_9050

It pulled him bounding through the troughs.

boarder cutting DSC_9104

Life was good for this wind and sea lover,

boarder close up DSC_9081.jpg

life was pulling against the wind, life was soaring skyward…

board facing DSC_9062

…and crashing down in a spray of white.

Boarder closest DSC_9109.jpg

Life was flipping over a jetty…

boarder over jetty DSC_9124

…and being airborne with airborne life.

tern and boarder jetty DSC_9165.jpg

Soon the lifeguard came on duty. They call her—Liv. Great name for a lifeguard.

Liv lifeguard DSC_9207

Lifeguard Lieutenant, Ed arrived.

Ed Lifeguard DSC_9206.jpg

But the green swim flag came down—and the red went up.

The flashing lights speeding through the sand had lost the race for life.

The sea broke that tenuous link in a 31-year-old man— his breath, lost to the sea.

And just three days prior, another, just eighteen, breathed the brine—where only air should go.

To keep a day sunny, to be with blue skies, to be with loved ones eyes;

please stay off jettys,

please wait for lifeguards.

Please stay alive.

Be well,


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  1. Lynn,

    Thank you. You sound like a lifeguard. Great response. Respect for the ocean caught my eye. It supports all the other warnings, If you respect the ocean you’ll stay off the jetties, you’ll swim only when lifeguards are on duty, and you’ll swim with a buddy.

    I thought I had respect for the ocean, but many years ago, after an intense struggle to return to shore, in my pre-work, pre-lifeguard, hours, swimming alone, I gained a new respect for it—and those rules. I was totally exhausted nearing the shore. When my feet finally touched sand, I was so grateful to be given another chance at life.

    Maybe some of the readers of my post and your response won’t have to go through a near-death experience to gain that much needed—respect.

    Thank you so much for your valuable and concise advice.

    Be well,


  2. Beautifully said. People MUST respect the ocean … she is unpredictable and you MUST be cautious. Stay off the jetties… swim ONLY when lifeguards are on duty… ALWAYS swim with a buddy…


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