It’s Saturday Night…Alive!

Wear a mask and save another’s breath. Keep a distance and halt the spiral of death.

Words to live by? An understatement.

But we are social animals, we bipeds. So we adjust. We stay alert. And we live—most of us.

Our Long Beach boards are busy these summer nights. Bikes weave past walkers,

Marvel IMG_3371.jpg

Couples bike two by two,

Couple.jpgskateboarders glide, as if on sheets of ice.skateboarders DSC_9389
skate board gals IMG_3208.jpg

Masks at the ready, the more seasoned among us are teens once again as they roll in the night.

Couple DSC_9293.jpg

I see some violations of social distance guidelines, but overall, most people are trying.

There is beauty in this community spirit. Singles, couples, families, all getting out to relieve stress, have some fun. Will our young look back at the stress of Coronatimes? Sure. But will they also be grateful for the family that got them through it? Absolutely.

youngster DSC_9275.jpg

Sadly, there are the “few” who don’t get it. They gather, mostly maskless in huge pods, abscesses of disrespect on the body of their fellow man. I saw an example of it on our beach Saturday night. You’ve read about it:

Masks were rare—as if they just didn’t care.

crowd on beach.jpg

I heard party hoots, rising in unison, hot breath filling the air. Party-hoot warnings of death to some not even there.

It did seem most were out-of-towners; those arriving showed ignorance of keeping the bike lane clear. I had to navigate around groups, some numbering ten or so.

As a consequence, the beach will now close at 8:00 nightly and the boardwalk at 9:00. Non-Long Beach residents won’t be permitted on the beach Fridays to Mondays.

Long Beachers and others find great joy in responsibly using our beach and boards: Masking up when necessary, keeping a safe distance always.

So much fun can be had with care, with respect for life.

I captured many who seized the moment, without causing others’ lungs to seize.

A blaze of yellow bike-matching hair streaked across the boards…

yellow hair and bike DSC_9728

…while a scooter dude cruised:

Scooter guy DSC_9468.jpg

Some kept in touch while biking in the night.

guy w phone DSC_9474

Some lit up the night, like Island Park Firefighter, Jason Cruz, below. Jason responds to Long Beach emergencies, like the recent stranding of ten on a jetty. It was another example of risky non-compliance.

Imagine being on a jetty and the incoming tide stops you from getting back to shore? Can you imagine the crashing waves against rocks? The ripping currents?  It’s all about respect for rules, laws—life. One of those ten won’t be in these photos, he’s gone.

DSC_9506 vign copy.jpg

This night we had unicyclers loving life:

Unicycle DSC_9256

And others doing wheelies:

Wheelie DSC_9767.jpg

And firewheels…

wheel DSC_9585

…lighting up the night…

wheels lit DSC_9602

…make the boardwalk a Cirque du Lumiere:

wheels lit dream DSC_9618.jpg

Coronatimes cannot suppress the spirit of life. But that spirit needs to care—for life.

Under old glory and an ice cream cone were soft words of love, not hoots. Allan Fox added sweetness to the salty air:

Allan Fox IMG_3382 copy

For Allan’s samplings:

There are many holistic ways to enjoy life, by just living—as if we are one.

If you love America, if you care about Americans, show it, live it.

The vulnerable of America can only survive

if we all work to keep them—alive.

Be well,


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  1. Beautiful pictures of our City by the Sea. Agreed, we need to care for our Town, Beach and residents safety. Thank you for sharing!



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