Lifeguard II



The Ides of summer are upon us.

For some it’s the summer of life: Work, study, family…sun, sand, surf…training, workouts, rescues.

Training DSC_6556.jpg

Muscles toned, skin taut, minds alert, bodies agile. Swim to rescues with the speed of a shark, grasp of a talon.


Memories of today are banked for life’s autumn, for winter’s setting sun.

The scent of salt air laced with sun screen are sucked deep into lungs.


Laughter shrieks above pounding surf as gulls swoop and terns dive. Ospreys soar. Cumulous tall ships sail the sea of blue above.

Many of you always dreamed of being lifeguards, rushing up sand banks to orange lookout perches.

DSC_2137 copy.jpg

To oversee the safety of bathers and waders and jetty explorers.

These days are yours, you guarders of life. Yours to serve, yours to know dedication, yours to feel service that warms the heart like the rising sun warms the morning flesh. Look inside and feel it. Feel that warmth in keeping others safe, their families safe, in their own summer days.

Jordan DSC_5432.jpg

Long Beach Lifeguard, Jordan.

We salute you lifeguards with another of my humble videos: Lifeguard II


Be well,

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  1. Lee, I think you took a picture of the lifeguards in the chair on Pacific Beach one day. Wondering how I could see that picture.


  2. A guy trained his dog to walk on the water to impress his friend who was a pessimist. When his friend saw the dog walking on water, he said “What’s the matter with the dog, can’t he swim”? 🙃


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