Long Beach

Mindfulness? A Crock!

It’s spring and the Long Beach, NY  boardwalk reflects it. The sun on your cheek is as warm and soft as a sigh, yet the air has a new-beginnings zest.

Anca 1 100 resDSC_6264.jpg

Anca and Gabriel…still lovers

I spotted a couple strolling our boardwalk. Mindful of the day, more so of each other.

Having said I try to be  mindful, to stop, be in the moment, at different times in different places during my day: https://leebythesea.me/2016/03/14/reflections/ it doesn’t always work out that way. And I see my evolution…as just a crock.

Sometimes I plan for a mindful day but efficiency elbows its way in…the latter often cancels the former:

I don’t wear shoes and socks to the Rec. center where I swim. Don’t want the bother of the locker room taking-off and putting-on. I keep it to a minimum…efficient.

I wear crocks, whether biking or driving there. The crocks are good bike wear, street wear, shower wear, pool-deck wear.

Lee w crocks-img_4666.jpg

Swim trunks under jeans and I’m in front of the locker for about a minute and a half, without locker room stop and chats, of course. (Upon reflection the chats are probably a big part of my daily presence.)

But sometimes my efficiency is laughable…no, its freaking hysterical.

Recently the temp was in the forties so I decided to bike-it and crock-it. On the boardwalk, en-route to the Rec. my feet began to freeze in the oncoming wind. My hands too. I did have gloves in my pocket but it was my feet that were freezing.

I even thought of putting the gloves on my feet. I did put the gloves on, yes, on my hands, but I still couldn’t get over my hideous thoughts and actions that got me into this situation. Where was present Lee? Presentlee absent!

After my swim I was mindfully proactive. I didn’t want to make the return ride even worse with wet feet. So I dried them thoroughly with the locker room’s hot air dryer. Then I thoroughly dried the crocks too, standing several minutes at the blower to make them perfectly dry…even warm.

So there I was minutes later, biking home with cold wet rain coming down…on me and my sadly crocked-feet.

wet boardwalk 2DSC_7046.jpg

No wonder nobody ever nominated me for the mensa society…nor even the menza menza society.

But spring,  it is here, it is warming.

Take it one day,

one experience,

one breath,

at a time.

Anca 2 100 res DSC_6267.jpg

Married two years…more like two minutes. Keep on…spring lovers.

Be well,


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