We are Love

Statue of Lib IMG_3910.jpg

Music photo-video included, at bottom…for the sane of heart.

The news strafes me daily with blasts of horror:

The latest dealt with assembling components to blast nails, screws and bolts into the flesh and bones of those not totally disintegrated by the blast alone. I don’t need to give you further gory details, you also have been riddled with TV heart-“breaking news”.  Anyway, no words of mine could further capture these hideous acts, these most odious of humankind.

I want to roar at the TV screen, at those wasters of lives, those builders of bombs, those killers of kids, “Is this what you bring to our table, Earth?”

But they are so few among the 7.4 billion people on Earth. They are so few among the sane who work to protect us, defend us from such madness. They are so few among those who bring music, art or just a smile, to us…every day. Just because they can. Just because they are willing to express the good in humankind…anyway they can.

worker w net DSC_6476.jpg

worker side view DSC_6477They are the regular folks among us who just by their amiable presence or simple friendly acts bring a smile to table, Earth.

I walked the boards of our two mile wooden walk in Long Beach, NY recently. I saw strolling lovers, the forever young, taking in the sea over gleaming rails. I chatted with one pair. They spoke of 55 years of marriage and visiting Long Beach with their young…long, long, ago. They smiled. I smiled. The sun did shine. And I did find respite from the madness.


Victor and Rene, forever young

I saw a man, far off on a jetty boulder…with all he needed.

Guitarist DSC_6363.jpg

I came upon a mural, “Home Sweet Home”, a collage of wooden “tiles” made from the remains of our old pre-Sandy boardwalk.

mural DSC_6417.jpg

Jack Schirmean and w Joanie 100res DSC_2204.jpg

Long Beach City Mgr. Jack Schnirman and wife Joanie at dedication.

Artists had rendered their hearts on these small pieces, an offer to passers-by. This is a fine piece of artwork added to our famous boardwalk. We could use more art in selected areas, Jack Schnirman. Thank you for your support.

The piece was themed to survival after hurricane Sandy. But it’s resonance went much deeper. This is a model for world resilience. This was about caring for each other. This was hope, wordlessly emerging from us, for us…the saner of the species.


I came upon a vacant tract of seaside land where buildings of yore once stood. There are plans for tax-abated luxury towers, but in the meantime some among us thought the vacant sand might serve as a canvas for expressions from within.

The driftwood sculptures are silent utterances of lovers of life on planet Earth. These too are welcome balm to my beleaguered heart. Their components were assembled not to pierce or terrorize, but to tranquilize, to gladden, to satisfy, to soften, to just…put a smile on a face…even my face. They said, “This is what my hands bring from my heart…for you.” This is what the sane among us bring to Earth’s table.

sun sclupt DSC_6392.jpg

There is so much expression within us waiting to explode, so much love eager to burst and pepper those around us with, song, form, novelty, laughter. Such magnificent gifts to bring to Earth’s table.

Then I heard laughter coming from a work site. Laborers working on a high-rise facade, bending their backs with mortar and brick and pails of water.

Laughing at 3:00 p.m. at a work site in the U.S.A. Working for their families. Working while filling the sea air with laughter. The laughter, just for a moment, just for a wonderful moment drowns out the awful din of the staccato strafing. Laughter, so rich it fills the air, as if to say, “We are one, we are love.”

worker w tools vign DSC_6470.jpg

We are Love music video:

Be well,


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