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Civilized Wrath Unleashed

Riders of planet Earth,

ISIS has raised its head…it’s time for nature to take its course:

Lizard with roach 300 resDSC_5198

There comes a time when civilized humankind can be forgiven for yielding to wrath. As when the Nazis banged on civilization’s door, so too, albeit on a lesser scale…we live in those times right now.

Sometimes we can’t think sanctions. Sometime we can’t think words. Maybe they’d work on their supporters, those who would buy ISIS crude oil. But ISIS itself needs to be exterminated.

I think what we have here is a Mid East roach motel with ISIS recruits the guests and F 18 fighter jets the innkeepers. ISIS Recruit Roaches can check in but they can’t check out.

If there had been a Presidential advisory panel assembled in the past in which a member suggested that the world needed to gather all the globe’s potential terrorists in one place, to deal with them en-masse, he’d have been thought to be puffing some medicinal crops. How could we ever get such cooperation from the evil minds which are spread among civilized humankind?

But that unlikely migration has developed on its own. Like a magnet for medieval minds ISIS has drawn like-minded members of humankind to their midst.

Yes, maybe we can look at this phenomenon  in a positive light. We are gathering the world’s terror threat to one target area. Supporters of terror groups in distant lands, previously hidden below the radar, now have raised their heads out of the woodwork. Now they can be dealt with in the open, in broad daylight!

Action is being taken.

France is considering cancelation of passports.

The U.K. is considering keeping them out by barring their return. There is a degree of unity even among nations who are known adversaries.

The U.S. has been in a protracted air campaign and have enlisted a coalition of others, including regional nations, to join us to destroy ISIS.

The Kurds, and Iraqis, we hope, will be taking on the ground war, as it should be. Only those locals who have the biggest and most immediate stake will realize what victory or defeat means. They are the ones who have or will have their families raped, or kidnapped or slaughtered. American, and possibly other, air support is all they can and should expect.

We can’t win security, a life of liberty and happiness for them. They need to take it and keep it. It will only have value when they fight for it and win it themselves.

It has been reported that with each beheading, ISIS recruitment efforts show strong gains.

Yes, that’s right. Those who are moved by beheadings, kidnappings, rape, and having children play and parade with human heads are heading for that sick action.

I think many of these American and UK recruits are not so much spiritual jihadists as they are lost souls adrift in a world in which they have found neither place nor meaning.

Many of us at one time or another have had similar life-trials but we found our way out of them. I was looking for a place, I was looking to contribute. I joined the Marines!

These sick minds, so attracted to evil acts, are better off out of the U.S. , the UK and every civilized nation. Is it a stretch to think they might be nascent fiends in their home countries? Without any training from ISIS? Let’s keep any of these creatures who don’t die with ISIS away from civilized humankind; let them be the nomadic pariahs of planet Earth.

I think they were likely to be among the same faces we see on TV,  engaged in shooting co-workers en-masse or blasting mall shoppers or slashing school children. They might well be the budding assassins of our leaders, embryonic, Lee Harvey Oswalds. The kind of “citizen” whom neighbors describe to the TV reporter as, “kept to himself, mostly.”

So maybe we are better off with them migrating  from the world’s civilized  homelands, maybe we are better off with them finding homes in the Mid East Roach Motel. Hell, maybe we should hold fund raisers for their transportation. Then exterminate them.

If this is what turns them on, let them go to ISIS and wave their black flag.

Then they can have a taste of this black flag:

F 18 Black Flag contrails

In the meantime, I’ll salute old glory in a country whose fore bearers fought for freedom for me and mine. I’ll salute all nations who haver raised fists and arms to fight for freedom. I salute all those nations willing to stand up against terror now in an effective coalition to stamp out these vermin. Hopefully this evil will motivate a continued coalition that will confront terror everywhere on this globe.

waving flagDSC_5481

God Bless America.

God bless civilized humankind.

Be well,

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