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Peace or Pieces

“The total number of minds in the universe is one.” Erwin Schrodinger, Physicist and Nobel prize winner.

The total number of Americans with an AR 15 is sixteen million, (None, I suspect, are Nobel prize winners):

You guys are familiar with my tendency to see the moment before me in relief, in contrast to life’s darker sides.

While biking the boards last Sunday I was so moved by the vista around me that once again I thought of another man, a man just like me. But he is looking at his prison cell’s wall while I take in the sea, sand and sky.

What anger could he not rein in? What greed or addiction to a substance lured him to ante up this sunny sack of gold? How could he risk losing bliss? I suspect in his life, he may have seen what I saw, but never felt what I felt.

Sunday’s boardwalk came alive with strollers, bikers, skateboarders. Spring leapt with life.

Out on the sand youngsters played on our Long Beach shore, laughing, running, tumbling under the sun.

Rockets soard:

Oystercatchers glided.

They swooped in their air dance, to breed, once again, on this tiny blue planet we share with them:

Wings mimicked the waves as they wove amidst them:

The surf aligned in similar winged harmony:

A love triangle soon appeared:

Where only the most ardent prevailed:

A phonester ignored the poem around him—for a text of March Madness? Or a photo—to share the moment?

Some of us experience a nice day. Others know a profound soul thing that resonates with a place deep within us. Those of like mind know of the place I speak.

It’s science too: “The total number of minds in the universe is one. In fact consciousness is a singularity phasing in all beings.” Erwin Schrodinger, Physicist and Nobel prize winner for his work on quantum mechanics.

For a healthier humankind, more of us need to visit this place of one mind.

Yes, you’ve read in my Sunday report that I do find refuge in this place of peace, as do many of you. But as we seek the bliss of sea and sand we can’t bury our heads in that sand—or anywhere else.

There’s a time to seek and a time to speak. I’m now speaking:

Our children are still being blown to pieces.

There’s a way of life that pervades America, a way of too much anger, too much greed, too much—ME—at all costs.

And way too much firepower.

I can understand hunters wanting to engage in the hunt, it’s a primal thing, I get that, maybe a phallic thing too. But do you need a weapon of war to hunt? Why not a howitzer? If you are that poor a shot, consider shooting pool. You’ll still retain that phallus extension—and gain the balls too.

In the meantime, take a walk on a beach, trek a trail in the woods, unarmed.

Allow yourself to just be. Notice the birds, but not name them, notice the clouds and just sail with them. Breathe the air and notice how it feels, how it fills your lungs, makes your belly rise, how relaxed it makes you feel. How good it is to fully realize life. To know peace.

It will only last a moment, though. So just do it again and again. Kinda like pulling a trigger again and again—but deep breathing always nurtures—triggers, not so much.

There are some among us who need this place more than others.

You who are overwhelmed by your life situation, it is to you I plead, seek help, and then:

Go where you might feel this sense of oneness with all of life. And there, whether you seek internal satisfaction, or the notice of others, you might be moved to help many others—rather than shoot another’s child:

Evelyn Dieckhaus, nine, murdered by gunfire, Nashville, Blue Planet, 2023. May she rest in her place of peace. (Photo Dieckhaus family)

Be well,


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  1. Virginia,
    Thank you for your comment on Peace or Pieces, Re: “more attention to treatment than a walk on the beach,” please check out the additional links to past posts on the bottom of that post, specifically on mental health and guns: America, It’s intervention time:
    And American Pie, for how other counties handle gun applications:
    I appreciate your response and sincerely thank you for it.
    Be well,


  2. Love how you address this painful issue with peace, beauty and introspection… however, the real villain here is mental illness which unfortunately needs more attention and treatment than a walk on the beach(wish it was that simple). Beautifully written! Phallus extension with pool cues and balls?!? Priceless metaphor!! Thank you for sharing your insights!


  3. Diane,
    Thank you once again for you kind words and support. Yes, definitely, we all need to put more pressure on by speaking up with letters to the editors, to congress, to the president.
    Thanks again.
    Be well,


  4. Another meaningful post Lee! Thank you for speaking out regarding these horrific shootings especially in our schools but also in our malls, businesses, and on our streets. As you say, it is total madness and it has to change. It is time for all of us to speak! God bless you Lee!


  5. Susan,
    Thank you so much for your very kind words. I’m especially glad that you appreciated this one. This must stop! We all need to raise our voices, share our anger on these heinous murders. Again, thank you, Susan.
    Be well,


  6. Love every post that you make Lee !!
    They are all so meaningful & the pics are always beautiful….. look forward to your next one !!


  7. Tara, Thank you. I think your comment was cut short. You can continue with another comment if you like. But thank you for you support. We all need it. We need change now.
    Be well,


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