Point of view

Personal Windows

“And one day, in response to my love, she blew me a kiss.”

“Learn to love the sunrise and sunset, the beating of rain on the roof and windows, and the gentle fall of snow on a winter day.” Lowell L. Bennion

Window vines DSC_9292.jpg

Yes, as the quote says, it’s about, “learning to love” nature, our surroundings…life. I love Mother Nature. And one day, in response to my love, she blew me a kiss:

snow kiss a DSC_9033.jpg

Our TV is a window to the world for sure. But overwhelmingly, this window brings sights of sadness…wave after wave of misery. Usually, before bed, we look at benign blather of old sitcoms, like, King of Queens or Raymond or The Office.

But sometimes a tsunami of politics, crime, and war causes me to slam the TV window shut. Some of you do too, I’m sure.

But many of us just move on to other windows, like this laptop, or iPad or smartphone you’re viewing this on. And here I am, right on the other side.

I find the greatest relief from TV is through the mindful use of my personal windows, the windows I have most control over…my eyes.

So, I’m out the door with my personal windows for solace at the sea.

Beach chair.jpg

I’ve written much and showed many photos of seascapes: the sunset surf,

sunset surf DSC_7482.jpg

the newborn chicks.

oysc 1 crp DSC_1439.jpg

But it’s not only the sea that I see.

There is more balm for the eyes in Long Beach and in most of our environments that are not by the shore. They come in precious moments of mindfulness if one just hits the pause button. Just look outside your window:

A  window  look DSC_1705.jpg

Sometimes there’s a lot to love right in our own backyards. Like these President Street sights:

142 mitchell 3.jpg

egret IMG_6524.jpg

Our sixth floor, home faces north, leeward, away from this incredible vista of sea and sand. I have to go all the way downstairs for that.

beach IMG_2291.jpg

Sometimes a little imagination adds to the view. When I look out our windows I see gentle waves of rooftops. I see smokestacks of old steamers chugging through the morning mist.

Foggy morn chimnies DSC_3581.jpg

Each season brings new delight:

Roofs and trees Autumn .jpg

It’s not only the sights that move me, it’s also the sounds. Evolution gave us lids to close our eyes, but nothing to close our ears, hence their importance in engaging nature: The crack of lightning bolting from the sky…

LightningAug.14 05 storm.jpg

…the percussion of plunks and patters upon our terrace.

Rain on windows

An archer’s bow, aiming for the heavens.

Rainbow arch

Sometimes it rains rainbows.

Rainbows a IMG_2583.jpg

Feathered friends who didn’t get the memo that birds fly “somewhere over the rainbow.”birds rainbow horiz.jpg

Chimnies surf the whitecaps…


…and a hibernating barbecue awaits spring.

Snow terrace and treesDSC_6163.jpg

Soft lights, a whisper in the silent white night…

snow night .jpg

…while across the way, a tiny house welcomes Christmas visitors.

Xmas light across the wayDSC_4698.jpg

Our view is blessed with a sunrise that bounces gold off majestic Manhattan.

skyline morning .jpg

Followed by audacious sunsets:

sunset bright full DSC_2672.jpg

Sunset sun.jpg

syline incredable sky .jpg

color sunset.jpg

Finally, a reminder of where I am and what I’m most grateful for:

New York City dressed in red, white and blue for the 4th of July.

skyline red white blue DSC_3185.jpg

I’m in America, an idea for which so many have died so that we may live behind peaceful windows.

Fireworks w building DSC_3436.jpg

And I see Macy’s blasts explode over the East River in a salute to America.

America, where hope and ideas can burst forth in endless possibilities.

America, where democracy’s damnedest logjams can be blown apart.

Macy's East river a DSC_3473.jpg

I see life unfold through my personal windows.

I see the sea,

I see the seasons,

I see people living free.

And I am grateful, so very grateful,

for so much to see…beyond TV.

Be well,


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  1. Lee, you have a beautiful perspective on life in Long Beach–and a wonderful way with words. Thanks for sharing this. –Kathy


  2. Joan,
    Yes, there is nothing like a great escape from electronic windows. Be it TV, computers, phones or iPads. Just watching wildlife or even clouds or waves, sublime. Thank you, Joan. Enjoy your creek creatures.
    Be well,


  3. Dear Lee, thank you so much for these beautiful uplifting images. I too am always looking out my windows. Since I live across from a creek now I am enjoying watching the diving ducks, mergansers, mallards. The other day I had the privilege of watching a bald eagle for over an hour just sitting and watching the creek for her lunch. Enjoy your day.


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