American labor

Americans And Their Machines

This is about America and those who man her machines.

We honor men and women who labored for America to keep it vital and competitive.

In Long Beach, NY we see machines powered by American labor. We’ve come to take for granted the rumbling steel that builds our structures, rebuilds our beaches, ever working so hard for all of us.

This weekend my brother and I went to the Museum of American Armor at Bethpage, NY, where a display of WWII armor was rumbling across the fields. I saw such a strong parallel of the Caterpillar tracks on my local beach…

DSC_7468 b 150.jpg



…and the tracks of tanks that once roared across distant beaches in a fight for America.

 A tank track IMG_2066.JPG

IMG_2021 a .jpg


We see American labor driving the machines for us here at home to keep us safe from storms. But let us not forget the labor of Americans, armed with fighting machines,  who kept us safe from…stormtroopers.


Cannoneer, Lee, and Tanker, Rod, veterans who once labored with American steel

Be well,


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