Pups and Presence

“I suspect she might have heard that crack kills.”

In these TV days of political turmoil, climate change, bombings, terror of all makes and models one finds it necessary to circle the wagons.

I’ve been known to read a book or two about presence, some of the books…several times. They help me to see life differently…away from the madness of minds.

Gull w tot DSC_7274 copy.jpg

Life Beings

In one of the books I’ve read was a quote from Krishamurti who said, “When you teach a child that a bird is named, ‘bird’ the child will never see the bird again.” I think what he meant was that the child will emplace a label where the marvel of life once was. He will no longer see soaring mystery, flying awe…gliding being. He will only see the label.

Bailey red throw DSCF0005.jpg

Our dog, Bailey

I’ve been lying about our dog, Bailey’s age for years.

Yeah, maybe I’m nuts. I may have mentioned this before, but I’ve noticed that when I’m in our elevator and a neighbor asks, “So, how old is Bailey?” and I’ve replied, “She’s thirteen.” there would be a sad utterance of, “Ohhhhh.” that was a bit too loooong for me. A note of sadness that I really didn’t care for. So I started saying, “She’s twelve.” Bailey would get a smile and maybe a pat. So all was good and I kept it that way for years.

But now Bailey is showing her age a bit. Yeah, sometimes she leaps like a bunny when we take her for a walk but other times she limps rather than leaps. The weather does seem to be a part of it, most especially when we have to deal with snow, ice or salt. The cold weather takes its toll on my knee too. So, as the commiseration goes, Bailey, “I feel your pain.”

Bailey boots vign IMG_8177.jpg

Now, I have my favorite spot in which to sit, read or watch TV, a love seat recliner. Cheryl’s spot is tandem to mine of course. We allow Bailey on our furniture and in the past, when Cheryl would find Bailey resting on her side she would just switch to our other lone-standing recliner and just let Bailey be. But when I’d be ready to sit and Bailey was in my spot all I had to do was back up as if to sit down on her and she get up and move. I suspect she might have heard that…crack kills.

Crack kills 1 IMG_1510.jpg

Maybe crack kills but Bailey knows she’s safe…even under a full moon.

But now that Bailey is showing her age, I’ve softened and taken a note from Cheryl’s Method of Operation. If Bailey’s in my spot I just sit in the adjoining recliner, if available.

But as sure as God made little pups to please…and do as they please, Bailey gets up and moves to my new footrest…to snug her body close to mine.

Bailey Lee's feet vign IMG_1485.jpg

So there we both rest in Cheryl’s recliner while my favorite spot, complete with the accouterments of my retirement perch, book, iPad, glasses, remote…stands vacant.

Empty spot crp IMG_1482 .jpg

But before long I’m back at my computer writing about Long Beach, typing about the importance of being present, becoming enlightened, being in the Now. And Bailey, well, Bailey just IS in the moment, every day.

I don’t think she worries about elections, climate, who is dropping what on whom or even what eternity holds for her. She just moves to where a cushion is warm, where a leg is a comfort…where a caress behind the ear is bliss.

Sure this furry creature is a dog, and she’s our dog, named “Bailey.” But when I see her as a being, a life-being just as much as I am a life-being, I see her differently. We breath the same air on this planet, we eat to survive, we seek pleasure, security, companionship…love. This being before me is not a part of my life, she and I are life.

Maybe I need to not only watch less TV, but even put the books down more often…and just BE with Bailey.

Bails and Now vign 1  IMG_8210.jpg

Bailey knows…Now

Be well,

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