Wrapping Presence

The clock on the wall held meaningless symbols.

I was reading, “Einstein and the Poet” when Cheryl walked in.

She came for a coffee break from her work studio down the hall; she’s been busy making necklace gifts for Christmas. I had just finished a coffee but we chatted as she sipped.

Necklaces 8x10 180 vign IMG_8062.jpg

Then she stopped and responded to some texts on her iPhone. But I didn’t pick up the book again. Nor did I let my mind wander as it so often does. I just paid notice to the moment.

two solar toys IMG_8057.jpg

The living room at first seemed silent as her phone’s keyboard ticked under her fingertips. But yes, as the ticking continued I did find myself practicing presence. I didn’t reach for presence, I simply allowed it to happen. I let recent sadness of my life fade as I became fully aware…just for now.

There was no memory in this moment, nor anticipation…no yesterday, no tomorrow. The clock on the wall held meaningless symbols. I really only noticed its circular presence. After all it is really…always…only…Now.

I was soon aware that the silence was far from silent. The tink of expanding metal in the baseboard heat, the ticking of the solar toys that line our window sill, a plane droning high overhead, my breath, all in syncopation of the beat of her fingertips, a whispering, percussive orchestra for the stage of life before me.

toys gold vig IMG_8006.jpg

It was all so very real, so very alive, so very new. Somewhere below our terrace a tiny dog barked. Bailey, on the footrest of my recliner, a soft pressure of warmth to my ankle.

Bailey vignIMG_1685.jpg

I looked across the room at Cheryl, at the slightest smile at the corners of her lips. I looked with new eyes at another being here with me on this Earth…and I found myself smiling. Another transient moment captured. Another precious vignette snatched from the everyday din.

I was here. I was simply life among life. All that was…was this moment…this very temporary moment.

And now as I tick at my keyboard I am with you. I am life on your screen. And I invite you to delete all the worry, the tension, the stress, the guilt, the sadness; all the “Breaking News”, all the “This just ins…” and replace it with…presence.

I simply wish you to BE with those among you. I simply wish you new eyes on a “percussive” day or a silent night. And may you wrap those you love…with your presence.

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
Lee Leebythesea Winters

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  1. Harry,
    Beautifully said, and I’m not surprised. Yes, “we are going through a temporary human experience”. But in this experience we get to express our spirit to humankind, we make a statement, a statement that affects this mortal plane. You, and those like you, move the arc of human kindness ever so gently, but ever so surely…in the right direction. Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas.


  2. Suzanne, your indomitable spirit reminds me so much of my recently lost daughter, Mary Lynn. Thank you so much for your year-round support and these kind words.
    Merry Christmas,


  3. Dear All,
    I apologize for not responding sooner. There is a cyber failure that I have yet to get fixed. On top of that this Season has been the most difficult for reasons I won’t dwell on here. But these kind words written from your hearts fill mine with hope. Thank you so very much for them.
    Merry Christmas to all of you.


  4. We are not human beings going through temporary spiritual experiences. We are really spiritual beings going through a temporary human experience. When a love one dies, it’s not the end of a relationship, it’s only an interruption.


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