Freedom Tower

Fist or Finger?

Freedom Tower Flag cpywrt_5716

Like a spring stem bursting from its soil, the tower rises, an icon of America’s renewal. It is risen from the ashes of the thousands who perished on Sept. 11, 2001.

But for many it is also the raised fist of triumph over tragedy, or a flipped silver bird to those who would try to take us down.

Some might see a parallel to a foam rubber finger to go with the chant of, “We’re number one!”

I tend to see it as an icon of hope, hope of world Oneness, a raised finger as a pointer to a new solidarity of the good over the evil on this planet.

How do you see it?

On May 29th the Freedom Tower will be open to the general public.

God Bless America.

May God bring new hope to this weary world.

Towers of Light:

Be well,


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