Rubber Fangs, Velvet Claws


I went to a young Police Officer’s funeral today. And as I stood there in the spring sunshine with thousands of others, a question burned in my heart.

What are you carrying America?

What are you carrying in your minds and voices that allows local governments to hold back your protectors from serving you well? What are you carrying that allowed brave blood to be spilled onto the streets that a young officer swore to protect for you.

IMG_2131Once again we hear words of “shocked and appalled.” Once again Law Enforcers gather from the far reaches of America and beyond to honor a fallen Brother. Once again the mournful pipes hopelessly try to express the sorrow of shattered family hearts.

A Brother is gone from us. Police Officer, Brian Moore, who tried to stop an armed urban predator was torn from us. A predator who knew no boundaries, who never yielded to society’s sanctions, who never respected civility.

IMG_2177This predator had an advantage now that he never enjoyed before. He was running loose in an urban plain that curbed his hunters. A policy of restriction that perhaps caused Brian to take a low-key approach to danger.

I believe he took this approach in accord to a new policy of not to offend, of not to appear to be profiling. An approach that gave the predator a deadly edge he otherwise would not have had. An approach that essentially gave this brave lion Brian rubber fangs and velvet claws. An approach that I think very likely cost him his young life.

IMG_2191My fellow Americans, was Demitrius, the predator looking for you coming home from work on that fateful spring evening? Was he looking for your son or daughter when he encountered that brave lion, Brian?

This is the question dear fellow citizen of the American plain. This is a question I ask the civilized among IMG_2184you. It’s the same question this brave Brian asked with his very last words, “What are you carrying?”

Detective Brian Moore,

Rest in Peace.


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  1. Thank you all for your comments. Yes I do have some words, but they are only words after the fact, or after the FUNERAL.

    But it was words of “policy” that caused bullets to enter the head of this brave predator of predators. This cop was a lion. He made 150 arrests in five years as an Anti Crime Police Officer. He took predators off the street before they got to our families.

    But this “policY”, I’m sure, held him in check from using obviously necessary steps in protecting himself. I suspect he acted in good faith to the “policy” so as not get a black mark in his book for too many stop and frisks. And that cancelled out his training, experience and instincts of safe and effective, police action.

    In my opinion, you can stop and frisk me 365 days a year, (that’s right PROFILE ME), if it will help get one gun out from under the belt of a thug that would hurt one of mine or one of yours. (I feel another post coming on about it.) Or maybe I just wrote it.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful comments. Be safe. Support your police. They work to protect the lives of those close to you but…THEIR LIVES MATTER TOO.

    Be well,


  2. It is heart-wrenching and simply senseless. Nothing can make it right. I am glad you have words, because I am at a loss.


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