Companions and Commitments.

Bailey Be the change IMG_4464Can we come together on two things?

Cheryl went to a Vegetarian Food Festival in Manhattan recently. Vegetarian Fests are not my cup of…beef broth. I do go on such journeys with her sometimes, I do a street-photo-shoot while she does her Fest or Fair or Craft Exhibit thing. But this time I stayed home and just did a bit more dog walking than usual. Some perspectives can be gained from walks with pets. Your’e alone with thoughts, no TV, PC, iPad or phone…

Mid-day, Bailey and I went for a long trek. She soon performed the poop while I performed the Shih-Tzu-“sherpa”-tote by carrying the scoop to a receptacle. I still see evidence of dog “owners” leaving leavings on the ground. I say “owners”, because I can’t say they are truly dog lovers; they seem too willing to bring community animus, if you will, upon all who walk pooches in Long Beach, NY. I see it as a lack of commitment to responsible pet companionship.

But I have to hand it to them, so to speak; those clever disregarders. In all the years I’m walking Bailey I’ve never observed one leaving the scene of the “leaving crime.”

pooch drive by textIMG_1349

That’s right, we meet and greet many dog walkers in our trice-a-day walks and never catch them in the act. So they must carry a bag and use it when someone is possibly surveilling them. They must admit therefore, that it can be done! It might be somewhat understandable that a teen would fail to comply, many are in a perpetual state of rebellion anyway. But most dog walkers I see have “been around the block”, you might say, for a while so you’d think they’s do the mature thing.

When I bend to scoop-a-poop of Bailey’s I check nearby to see if I can combine the effort in taking up someone else’s lapse. Yeah, that’s right, I do double “duty” when I can. As I do so I can’t help but see the analogous nature of what’s going on. Yes, I think it’s the same mind set of some on this globe who leave the rest of us to deal with their eco-mess too. Like slicking water-fowl with crude or filling landfills under playgrounds and Veteran’s homes with carcinogens, or… Well you get the point, corporations without commitment, crapping all over our home, Earth.

There are real local consequences to pet clean-up inaction. Someone’s daughter or grandson, on the way to school, might have both a mess and ridicule, to deal with on the school bus. Did you ever see a little girl having fallen on the grass, and end up with dog-mess embedded into her sweater sleeve?

Dog owners of Long Beach…AND AMERICA, can you please come to the aid of us dog lovers and do your share? I know you are all very nice people or you wouldn’t have a pet in your care at all.

Bailey sherpa toteDSC_1703Another thing dog lovers might come together on:

I’ve been speaking with someone who is retired and lost his pet. He doesn’t want to get another because he feels when he dies his pet will be bereft of him and suffer that loss too greatly. He has a good point. He also shows that he is a real pet lover to care so much about the pet’s well being even after he’s gone.

So on this walk with Bailey I thought, “Why not try to hook up with someone who has the reverse circumstance? Someone younger who has a pet dog, or cat or whatever, and due to work obligations can’t be with them or walk them often.

Someone I know nearby hates having to leave her dog alone all day while she works. What if two people in such circumstances, one retired and one working, could meet and share the pet?

Initially the three might walk together to introduce the retiree into the pack. Then the pooch may stay with the retiree for an hour on a weekend. After several probationary interactions I think it might be likely that the retiree could have the dog for longer periods while the worker is at work, petting, feeding, taking walks, etc. I suspect that all three beings might mutually benefit.

Many times when I have a thought that I think is novel, I discover it’s not really original at all. I found when I got home that there are already such arrangements. After reviewing some online info it appears that informal sharing between neighbors works best and when too many people are involved it’s tough on the dogs:

Of course, trusting your pet to someone is a serious issue. So you’d want to go slowly. But if it did work out it might solve a real need for both parties. If it worked out well enough the worker could even go on vacation without having to consider kennel placement.

As Saturday came to a close, Bailey and I went to the Railroad station to meet Cheryl. I took some pics of the patient pooch. We’ve done this sit-and-wait before and Bailey knows who’s going to arrive soon.


A dog’s love is unconditional

  She’s coming, I know she’s coming.


A pet focuses on the pack

 That might be her. I think that’s her!


dog photography is much more fun than people posing

 My companion is home at last.


There is nothing like the love of a pet.

The pack is back.


Can dog-human “words” be more articulate?

A dog…a woman’s best friend too.


Only dog lovers KNOW the feeling.

There’s no place like home.

Be well,


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  1. Great article, yes people have to take responsibility and clean up after their pets. I too find on my regular walks with my dog that people blatantly leave dogs excrements where someone can step right into it. Come on people have some pride in your neighborhood. Love the idea with the retired person and dog companions. It’s just a matter of trust. I view my dog as my child. I would really have to know the person. Keep the columns coming very enjoyable reading.


  2. Yes, there are too many People, alone maybe, wishing they had the company of a pet but for various reasons can’t have one. But I think it would be good for both parties to share as I’ve described. But we live in an insular society. Too many people fear involvement with people they don’t know. Sometimes we need to be brave to have the chance to experience what we long for.
    You bet, not picking up after your pet reflects on responsible dog walkers. Some people just don’t get it.


  3. The pet-sharing idea is a great one (when I was a child, my parents wouldn’t let me have any sort of pet, so I ended up walking other people’s dogs as a substitute, so I sympathize). And not picking up after your dog just makes life difficult for those of us who do!


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