4th of July

The Beaches of the Free

 It’s summertime! And the livin’ is fantastic. The the pools are filled and the burgers are grilled.

Tern closeupDSC_0016 crp 2Summer is fun alright but it can be a blur from Memorial Day to Labor Day if one lets it slip by. I feel I gotta pay attention to each moment. These moments of life are fleeting like the darting, twisting, terns skimming the surf.

It seems like every five minutes I’m standing in front of the bathroom mirror flossing my teeth before bed, another day gone. They pass just like the flicker of a cartoon flip-book these days. I need to catch the day’s moments on my mind’s retina just as my camera’s sensor captures them.

gull setting sunSo, sometime during the each day I just stop the action. I put my finger in the flip-book and enjoy just the one frame before me. I just look at what’s nearby, closely, very closely, whatever it is. Some call it meditation. Cool. Whatever you want to call it, it’s the art of life, expressed in that moment right before your eyes.

I appreciate our free American way of life. Hitting the beach didn’t always mean a day of fun in the sun for some Americans. Too many had their blood run into distant sands. We need to remember that. And when I see the Taliban terror in the world with families just trying to survive let alone, enjoy, the brief respites between wars, I value even more what we have here in America.

Surfer highDSC_0215And for me the shore in summer is the best time and place to appreciate our freedom. I breath in all the wonder, right along with the salt air. The richness is in the detail. There’s not a lot of frowning at the shore. What I see is fun, letting go, it’s enough to give the Taliban apoplexy or whatever medieval malady applies.

Surfer closeDSC_0317My dad used to say, “I don’t mind paying taxes if that’s what it takes to stop bombs from falling from the sky.” Bulls eye, Dad! But I’ll add to that, “I’ll pay whatever it takes to ban the Taliban.”

God bless America.

Be well,

Here’s a bit of fantastically free American life

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  1. Glad you liked it. Sorry for the delay in viewing; there was an error on the photo video, a copyright issue on the music. I fixed it and it’s viewable now.Thanks for the feedback.
    Be well,


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