American life

They grinned and bared it

Splish Splash they were takin a winter bath.

Polar Bear gal DSC_5599 
The Polar Bears did their Long Beach, NY plunge this past Sunday, Feb 2. The event is held to support the very worthy, Make a Wish Foundation. The numbers have grown every year and there are now thousands coming to Long Beach to participate. Young and old, men and women came for the winter fun. Some don rather unusual attire for the occasion. 
This year’s dippers were blessed with unusually warm weather for such an event. If it was a few weeks earlier when it was many degrees colder the plungers might have had some wrinkledge, shrinkage and maybe even some frozen appendages to contend with. But such was not the case. 
It’s always great to see people let go and have a day just for a blast of fun…just for the pure hell of it. They seem to have left all pain, hardship, anxiety and drama in the street below our famous boardwalk. They came to bizarro beach day and they were lovin’ it!   You could see it in their smiles, their eyes. You can hear it in their laughter. You can feel it in the winter air all around them. Why don’t I stop talking about it, I think you can feel what I felt right here in the photo video I made of it:
Be well,

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  1. Wonderful montage, and I liked the music! I was there, but fully clothed! My neighbor took the plunged, which I videoed. After she came out, steam was rising off her body!


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