Angels In Our Midst…

The ladies exposed themselves to me.

I saw them for what they were, stewards of our shore, picking up trash washed in by the tide.

Angels, pure white-winged angels strode before me.

I, of course, approached Mary and Mel:

When I explained my interception as blog research, Mel recognized my name, “You wrote about Lisa’s garden? I loved it,” she said. I was so glad to meet the person who loved it, I’d heard there was one out there:

Long Beach Mel celebrated her birthday with Manhattan Mary. Part of the joy that day was a stroll on our Long Beach shore. Fine choice, guys.

Now, hundreds stroll our fall shore daily, of course, but relatively few of us pick up after other apes to protect the innocents of the shore.

These sweet simians even looked out for bottle caps; they said dolphins ingest them.

I’m sure they do ingest caps; dolphin bellies are often bloated with simian plastic. A plastic bag ballooned with water can appear to be a squid… and gulped by cetaceans.

The angels scooped up pretty little snare-‘n-snuffs too.

We spoke of how efficient these tidal tidings were in snaring and snuffing birds and marine life. They come in kits, you know, with colorful balloons attached for easy release-and-kill. Something to keep in mind when post-party doldrums set in.

photo credit

See my blog post, Polymer Poop:

I told the angels how much I appreciated their work and how it not only had its immediate value, but it also set an example for others watching, or hearing about their routine. Maybe my reporting Mel’s birthday bend-and-scoop stroll is a gift to her and to the shore life she loves.

Hey, all you shore strollers, if you’d like to improve your exercise—maximize—with a bend-and-scoop.

I peeled off as the angels moved further east to enjoy the day, and rescue more wildlife. Not a bad way to spend a birthday.

Thank you, Mel and Mary. You made my day and many unknown shorebirds, too.

Happy birthday, Mel

Be well,


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  1. You all need to lose the plastic bags for trash.
    Send me your physical address and I will send you two Extra tough, net bags .They can be washed over and over. They can hold 25 lbs of more of trash.

    Shoulder straps too

    We make them in all sizes.

    Small enough mesh to hold red beans!

    My treat. No charge.


  2. Lee,both my son and daughter-in-law are college proferrors at the Univ of Texas at Arlington both inoceanograpy and the enviroment.He is in research and she education I sent this to both of them without your permission.I know they would enjoy reading.A great job as always by you on your travels Thanks
    Pat Walsh


  3. Lee once again you told a wonderful story about to caring women. Happy Birthday to Mel! Thank you earth angels Mary and Mel for trying to save Long Beach’s shore life! You both are blessings!


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