Neptune Rising

“And here was Neptune, god of the sea…”

I went to the shore one recent day,

an offshore storm kept strollers at bay.

Surfers will ride a stormy sea.

But I saw none east or west of me.

Then I suddenly saw in front of my eyes,

a soul from the sea—mythically arise.

When I feel I’m where I’m meant to be…

… it feels so much—

like destiny.

Here was Neptune, god of the sea,

and the name of the beach right under to me.

He slid down the wave, so passion bent,

then soon I could see—just his trident.

He exploded from the surf…

…to ride a seahorse,

but was dumped to the briny

with whale’s-tail force.

‘Twas a sign from sea gods to be resolute,

when Oystercatchers flew in winged salute.

So Neptune rose…

…to the top of the sea…

…to again slip the slopes…

… wild and free.

Neptune took the form of Dave,

when he chose to meet a certain wave.

Wind blew

across a fetch of sea

a wave of kinetic energy.

It barreled a hundred miles to shore,

where it crushed against the ocean’s floor.

It forced up a crest of foaming sea,

right where Neptune—chose to be.

Dave Croce’s passion

is to ride the sea.

And I was awed that day,

he rode in front of me.

Be well,


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  1. Dave,
    Thank you for your comment but also, and most especially, for your example of someone doing what they love. Having a ball, playing amidst the waves, in these troubling COVID times. May your paddle-boarding passion keep you happy in your many years ahead.
    Be well,


  2. Lee, glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, most Long Beachers love our favs, the Oystercatchers. They’ve become as iconic as the ships that line our horizon, but much more fun.
    Be well,


  3. Thank you, Anne. By the way, I edited the post to reflect Oystercatchers were flying in salute instead of shorebirds. It worked well and have to give our favs credit. Thanks for the kind words. Keep enjoying your passion.


  4. Thanks you Lee! I really enjoy your posts. We met a few years ago on the boardwalk..both of us enthralled by nesting oyster eaters.


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