Armed Forces

Got Grit? Grow a Pair! They Did!

This Memorial Day we remember those who died for us, who died in blasts of fire and steel.

Lee's military composit and monumnetsjpg

Troops fight for God…a DSC_5698

…for country…of course.

a DSC_6071

But when engaged in battles for survival troops fight for another reason, a very personal reason…close at hand.

They fight for their combat brothers and sisters…right next to them.

L Winters b _0266

Today, it is said we are at war, COVID war.

If you agree with that, consider our combat troops, their grit, their guts, their total determination to keep their band of brothers and sisters safe.

Because we are at war it’s time for you to serve, to grow a pair.

It’s time to arm yourself, to come out of the free comfort they died to protect for you.

They were uncomfortable… Piper Cemetary dark shadows vigDSC_0826 copy

…but they had each other’s backs.

For the lives of your brother and sister Americans, be a bit uncomfortable…have their backs.

Wear a mask.


Be well,


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  1. Joe
    Thank you so much for those kind words. Let’s hope it makes even a small difference. We can hurt each other unintentionally, much like friendly fire in battle, by not wearing a mask.
    Be well


  2. As usual Lee, I love your commentary and the photos you put into your messages. Nice job. Thank you.


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