Moor Worries

The boat threatened to smash against the jetty.

We anticipated a leisurely late afternoon beach wander. But we encountered some dramatic happenings along the way.

We were strolling the Long Beach sands on Friday of the Memorial Day weekend. Kiteboarders and gulls flew the South wind, but the breeze was stiff and cool so the sunbathers were few.

Off the Roosevelt Jetty a boat, the Moor Worries,  was anchored way too close to the jetty to be comfortable. Fishing? No, stranded.


The Moor Worries anchored off Roosevelt Jetty, Long Beach, NY

Very soon, the Long Beach Fire Dept Water Rescue arrived.

Long Beach is ready for any emergency, fire, police, water rescue included. So it was no surprise to see the prompt arrival of all to the scene.



Water Rescue conferred with the boater…


…who continued to have trouble with his craft.


But there was no interruption of one kiteboarder’s pursuit of his pleasure.


It did seem weird to see this kite surfer getting between a stranded boat and it’s rescuers. I half expected a whale to pop up too.


It wasn’t a big hit with the rescue team.


Soon, the Coast Guard arrived…




…as did Nassau County Police Dept Aviation…complete with a moon escort.



The Coast Guard kept the situation safe…

DSC_0647.jpg …because the stiff wind and the rough seas were still a threat.


The Fire Dept hooked up to leave, just as a call came in for a nearby road emergency.


And they drove off to yet one more Memorial Day weekend encounter.


Yes, we anticipated a gliding gull stroll but saw just about everything under the moon. It made for some cool action shots but, more importantly…nobody got hurt.

I’m told the Coast Guard didn’t feel the boat’s cleat would hold in a tow by them through the rough seas. So it stood by for safety until a sea tow would take the Moor Worries back to its port …of Less Worries.

5/27/18 1:35 Edit, An eyewitness to the event reports this to me: “…you should know that we saw that the boat was still there and anchored at sunset on Friday.  Yesterday morning, first thing, we went out to check and the boat was 90% under water with only the tip of the bow and the bow railing showing. Yesterday, Sea Tow came by a couple times; inspected the wreck; circled a couple times, and left. The wreck was still there at sunset.  This morning there’s no evidence at all, so either there was an early morning salvage or it sank completely, but it wasn’t towable.” Thank you, Eyewitness.

6/6/18 update: On June 5th, yesterday, I spoke with a rep from the US Coast Guard’s Public Affairs unit. The boat is still submerged. The owner of the boat has the responsibility to salvage it from the sea as there is the potential for pollutants to escape. The Coast Guard does not place markers to warn of a vessel being submerged in shallow waters off the beach, as is the case, it does place them where larger crafts are sunk in navigable waters.  I updated Long Beach officials of the above.

Be well,


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