Balmy Times

crocus IMG_8428.jpg

February Crocus in Long Beach, NY

“The house is burning down, let’s toast marshmallows.”

It was in the mid sixties Sunday, Feb. 19th, 2017 here in beautiful citybythesea, Long Beach, New York.


Happy feet on the Long Beach boards

Our global “climate alterations” of late have been distinctly noticeable here. Sure we all love the balmy weather, (read balmy anyway you’d like) and in Long Beach we’ve seen a tidal-surge response to it.

DSC_6747 100 .jpg

Long Beach boardwalk looks more like the 4th of July

Hordes have been on the boards…and the beach. In the past I really appreciated the winter thaw that came after a hard, deep-freeze. Now the “thaw” has an ominous quality for me.


Long Beach jetty Feb 15, 2015

This weather respite seems unearned, hardly an ice-chapped lip in town.


On the Long Beach boardwalk…wheelies in winter

Nevertheless, we all take it with a smile. Hey, it’s warm and I’m gonna enjoy it, right? But it’s kinda like saying, “The house is burning down, let’s toast marshmallows.”


On the waterfront, the highs and lows

I’m part of the sun-loving crowd. But I’m also present to digitally record the high-digit February temps and  attraction of crowds to our Sea City.


Rocco says, “Will you get this #%&* sweater off of me!”

News Twelve Long Island was there to query the crowd, not about the unseasonable temps as I thought when I approached, but on the latest Long Beach controversy: Should our several boardwalk restaurants be allowed to serve alcohol?

The reporter, News Twelve’s Amy McGorry had plenty of strollers to choose from. I happened by when Richard Weinstein, our own Long Beach Frank Sinatra, gave his enthusiastic, “Yes,” to the query.


Amy McGorry interviews Richard Weinstein of Petrey Realty. Richard said, “Yes,” to restaurant alcohol. Andres Navarro looks on.

The above camera captured ubiquitousleebythesea in the background but I didn’t catch the video when it was broadcast. However,  loyal blog follower, Julliane Rode graciously sent me this video screen shot:

Lee at interviewjpg.jpg

Screen grab from News 12 video shows, in background, Leebythesea with his nose in the news.

Some said, “No alcohol on the beach but it would be okay on the boardwalk?” Doesn’t make sense. Others said adding to the density of alcohol-serving businesses increases the likelihood of underage drinking. Many just wanted an opportunity to watch Long Beach sunsets with a glass of wine. Ultimately, the City Council  voted it down.

Meanwhile: It will be mostly in 60s for the next few days in Long Beach. You must realize though that these are Long Beach 60s. There’s 60s Fahrenheit, 60s Centigrade and Long Beach 60s. Long Beach 60s are when ocean “breeze” means…take a coat.

Some Citybyseaers are just tired of talking about the whole climate change controversy and just want to enjoy a day in the glorious sun. Can’t blame them. The annual snow-bird trek seems less of a draw to some now too.


Sun walking at Long Beach, NY

Even the gulls didn’t know what to make of the invasive winter-hominid species. They left the balmy bipeds…for more tranquil jetties.

DSC_6573 300 .jpg

 Toasted marshmallows, anyone? Anyone?

Be well,
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