Long Beach

White Whine, Anyone?

Anyone want to add a couple of inches…anywhere?

Boston does. They’ve had over eight feet of snow this year and need two more to set a record. Many say, “Go for it!”

Long Beach NY has received a fraction of that and I’m done with it. It’s not just the snow it’s the cold. Sound like, “It’s not the heat it’s the humidity.” Yes, I think I’ve become a crotchety old curmudgeon this winter.

We’ve done the snowbird thing in the past but in recent years we’ve stayed North.  It wasn’t quite Hurricane Sandy but Long Beach, NY got a winter whack this year. Lots of snow and plenty of low digit temps.  At times it was beautiful and at times it SUCKED.

Yesterday I wanted to get over to the Long Beach Recreation Center for a nice swim in that oasis I’ve come to love. But as I neared our terrace window I hesitated to leave the comfort of the corner of Basil and Vine.

basil leaf DSC_9332

Window vines DSC_9292

But I ventured out to see how bad it really was.

Woman about to scrape DSC_9311

car scraper DSC_9317

BBQ in snowDSC_9303

Town houses DSC_9297

terrace distant view DSC_9295

Not too bad. Certainly not Boston Bad. Just treacherously slippery. We’ve had a lot of ice this year.

During the winter I took some photos of our icy beach to share with you.

Icy jettyDSC_8889

ice jetty wave breakDSC_9023

Ice jetty splash w ships DSC_8935

Jetty East sideDSC_8963

I decided to add to them on my drive to the Rec. 

Neighbor shovels snow FullSizeRender

Man on boardwalk ramp IMG_1289

PLayground IMG_1250

I checked out our iconic boardwalk blanketed in white.

Boardwalk snow allegriaMG_1290

Boardwalk snow benchesIMG_1296

Seahorse snowIMG_1304

Here are some people of Long Beach. Steamy summer heat or freezing winter cold…doing what they gotta do.

And ya know, even if it’s their job, in tough weather I like to yell out a, “Thank you!” Or even just give a thumbs up through my windshield.

Long Beach PD

It was way down in the wee digits when I took this shot.

Pot hole fillersIMG_1191

San menIMG_1246

LB busIMG_1306

Jimmy IMG_1208

I often bike to the Rec Center, but I must say, “When winter comes to  see us Lee Winters takes his Prius.”

Not these tough trekkers.

Rec bikesIMG_1257

Once inside I see all the staff showed up, from the front desk to the cleaning crew to the lifeguards:

LB rec deskIMG_1263

Ralph 1 Mb IMG_1495LIfeguards diving pool bwIMG_1283

LB Lifeguard diving poolIMG_1279

Winter aint so bad after all…when I get to the pool that is.

LB Lifeguards poolIMG_1275

As I walked to my car I looked longingly at the spot where my bike would soon stand.


As I get near home I pass The FLORIDIAN. yeah, right!


 I’m eager to see these critters building lifeguard mounds of sand:

Not quite Lifguard IMG_1222

Yup, maybe next year we’ll travel south. But, ya know, there’s a warmth that’s with me no matter what state I’m in. Because it’s not so much where I am…as who I’m with.

great cher and pooch in snow

Bailey rushes toward spring, can it be that far off?

Bailey flys in snowDSC_0113

Be well,


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