Size Still Matters

Size still matters, but it’s all about the size of the heart:

Back on my local Long Beach, NY: I followed up on my previous post, “Size Matters”:

I returned to the scene of the American Oystercatchers who would not let harm come to their loved ones. The chicks seemed to be growing rapidly. I spotted the group taking a stroll down by the surf with Mom pointing out items on the surf menu and giving instructions.

 First, for an appetizer, if it moves, eat it:

O C if it moves eat itDSC_8877

Then, she urges them to taste a little something…

O C an apetizerDSC_8882

…from the salad bar:

O C salad barDSC_8849

Then, the sea food platter:

O C sea food platterDSC_8821

But then, as if from nowhere, came the threat.

O C gull fight 5DSC_9039

But Dad, the protector, armed with talons, agility, but most importantly, heart, an asset so formidable that neither size, nor strength, deters it, launches for the dog fight.

 O C chase 3DSC_8972

 To protect family, he will take no prisoners:

O C chase 2DSC_8971

O C Gull fight 1DSC_9035

Talons tear and feathers fly in this fierce fight.

O C gull fight 2DSC_9037

 But it was clear the fearless defender neutralized the threat.

O C gull fight 3DSC_8886

 Finally, this beach’s greatest generation prevails and the intruder retreats.

O C gull fight 4DSC_9038

Then serenity, once again, for the family to eat…

O C Back to dinnerDSC_8818

…then nestle…

O C nestle by theDSC_9067

…amidst the peace, by the jetty, in the sun.

O C by the peaceful jettyDSC_9083

Peace lovers of the world: Enjoy your beaches, your backyards, your families, your friends. Courageous protectors left their own families so that you can enjoy yours… in freedom and in peace.

Be well,


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