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Long Beach, NY is a relatively small City by the Sea. It has a City Manager who would be thought of as Mayor in other towns. But maybe bigger cities’ Mayors may learn something from him:

It’s been said that character is what you do when no one is looking.

A lady who lives in my building called me early yesterday morning asking for my help. She had been riding her bike on our boardwalk and while making the U turn at the West End fell and badly hurt her ankle. I told her I’d be right there.

But before I even arrived our City Manager, Jack Schnirman, who had been out jogging, helped her on the spot, PERSONALLY.

He carried her to his car. He took her to the nearby West End Urgent Care facility where it was determined that her ankle was badly broken.

I’d expect a public figure to just call the police or ambulance or have someone else call and just move on.

No cameras were rolling, not even mine, no reporters took notes, no one even knew who he was so there was no positive political advantage to be gained by this action. He even put her bike in his car for safe keeping.

I later went to City Hall to retrieve the bike. As we walked to his car I expressed my appreciation for his going out of his way personally. He said he just did what any other person would do.

Yes, often they do. But usually political figures use the excuse of busy schedules to delegate others to give help when needed…unless the cameras are rolling.

Mr. Schnirman did not know I write my humble blog. We quickly note when public figures disappoint us. I think it’s important to also note the positive things they do when they think no one is watching.

It’s events like this that reveal the character within.

It’s events like this that cause us to be more willing to place our trust in people of such character.

It’s events like this that exemplify how we all need to care about each other.

Be well,


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