We didn’t go south for the winter but the Polar Vortex did.

You might consider vortexting these shots to your snowbird friends. Let them know what they’re missing and how much more they need to appreciate their Florida sojourn this year.
We had moved from a free standing private home to a high rise in Long Beach years ago. But a tough thing about high rise living is that there is no very convenient pet door leading to a back yard. When she anticipates a walk is imminent our pooch, Bailey, likes to hide in one of her sleeping pagodas in our apartment. 
But go we all must, so off we all go. The experience did offer some photo ops of Bailey and her boots. It’s seven degrees out on the cold, cold, streets of Long Beach, NY, so she gets bundled off in sweater, coat and yes, those fancy red Pradas. 
She says you can keep them, and the elevator you rode up on.
Be well,
Home again. We treat her when we get home. And when we get there…ya really don’t want to stand anywhere between Bailey and her bowl:
IMG_5763 Bailey debooted
IMG_5767 Bailey homeIMG_5768 crp

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  1. Bailey looks so cute….but obviously would prefer to be au natural. I bought ice melt that is suppose to be pet friendly, but just went to open the 40lb container, and I can’t get the lid off! It’s definitely child-proof….to say the least.


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