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He was grinning…at my Groin!

Jetty DSC_5923

Between my life as a Marine and a NYC subway cop I served over 30 years carrying everything from an M1 rifle to a Glock 9mm pistol and never shot anyone, never really needed to…till now.

Today I find myself needing to shoot people on a regular basis, with my Nikon D90.

As most people in my building can attest, weather permitting, I’m found early in the morning sitting on the beach with my Nikon on my knee.

I don’t have to tell you about surfers, gulls, terns, ospreys, or the crashing surf in the rising sun or the reflective waves in evening sunsets. Or simply the North Atlantic’s slate-blue shimmer that carries us to the horizon.

Yes, there is always something to shoot. When I take photos of people on the beach, I email or snail mail the shots to them, however the case may be. As you know I do this to put a smile on my own face, even someone else too, perhaps.

FYI: Costco’s charge for photos is thirteen cents a print, no postage or handling (as long as you order 4x6s and at least a dollars worth, larger sizes cost a bit more and require postage and handing.)

Yes, in this random-act-of-sefl-indulgence you can send ten prints by U.S. Postal Service through Costco for about a buck and a half. That means you can put a smile on a face for less than it costs to make that random-act-of-kindness purchase for the customer behind you at Starbucks.

I think this photo sharing has more legs than the Java-buy as the photo often finds itself magnet-fastened to a fridge to sip and savor with the eyes again and again. So, if you want to text or email a shot to someone as a favor but they are not cyberfolk, maybe consider Costco’s mailed prints. Here’s one Entry that hangs somewhere in my Fridge Foto Gallery:


Sometimes it’s hard to get someone to smile for the camera. Sometimes it’s something that I do inadvertently that causes a big grin. Here’s such a response:

One fine day I saw some people trying to retrieve their adventurous pooches up from the bay and onto their dock. I recorded the action in case the family would like to memorialize the event.

First, I caught one pooch in these most ungraceful poses as he was unceremoniously  hoisted to the dock:

Dock people

Caught in this ignominious pose, the pooch seemed to look over his shoulder to be sure I got his good side. Yeah, I was sure that was it.

Pooch lift

He soon was on dry land though and he ran to thank me for the attention I paid him. He seemed to be even drooling over our impending meeting.


I kept shooting as he did so, this seemed to  delight him even more.  As he neared I could see the grin of gratitude spreading all over his face:

grin shrpnd 300 res DSC_6458

No harm, no pain; just a change of skivvies and I was good to go again.

Be well,

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  1. That is one mean looking dog. It reminded me of a family in my neigborhorhood that had 3-4 of these beasts. The same body style, color and ferocious look. I had never seen that breed before, probably just plain mutts. I doubt very seriously if they had any concern about burglars at that house.

    BTW I’m going to my neighborhood library at the end of this month to hear Montford Point Marine Vincent Long speak. He’s in his eighties. Very interested in hearing about his experiences in the “Old Corps”.


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