Polar Bears

The Faces of Fun at the Super Bowl Splash

I did it again. Because they did:

I served as witness to these brave souls who bared it for the “Make-A-Wish Foundation.” http://tinyurl.com/5n78apdk

Except for a couple of cold snaps, winter in Long Beach, NY has been like early spring, day after day. This Sunday the water temp was a cold 41 but at the same temp the air felt balmy.

These bold souls do it every year regardless of the weather, and regardless of the world’s trials. I can’t help but appreciate this day of joy, the laughter, the shivering shrieks, even more as it contrasts against the horrors in our lives. No need to enumerate, if you have a TV, you know them.

But one irony stands out for me:

Today, helpless humans are crushed by earthquakes through a shifting tectonic plate, while still more are crushed by artillery and a lunatic’s mental state. While children are pulled from concrete in one part of our globe, they are purposely buried in it in another.

But in Long Beach as in all of America, we do what we can for crises, then pause for sanity—and have fun.

It’s as if we flip the bird to adversity.

And also to a few friends nearby: I think she called them something like, “wussies?”

See also:https://leebythesea.me/2016/02/09/super-bowl-sunday-splash/






Be well,

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  1. Hi Lee, great post here capturing what was a really fun day! My mother and I happen to be two of the people in the pictures you posted. By any chance would you be able to send us the remainder of the pictures you took of us that day?


  2. Once again you wrote a wonderful blog with fantastic photos Lee! Thank you for sharing and putting our world in perspective!


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